Z-type oil-free supercharger

Short Description:

The equipment uses compressed air as power to pressurize oxygen, and is durable, practical, safe and explosion-proof. The device is an independent pressurizing unit, which is connected in series in the pressurized pipeline, with fast pressurization speed, long service life, stable pressure, large flow, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and safe use. Features of the supercharger. Oxygen is flammable and explosive

Product Details

1. The product has the characteristics of low noise, small vibration, compact structure, stable operation, safety and reliability, and high level of automation. It can also be configured with a digital remote display and control system according to customer requirements.

2. It has the function of alarm and shutdown of low compressor oil pressure, low water pressure, high temperature, low intake pressure and high exhaust pressure, which makes the compressor run more reliable.

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