W Type Three-stage Oil Free Medium Pressure Machine

Short Description:

100% oil-free water cooling design, convenient maintenance;

Three stage oil-free compression system with high balance and cost performance;

Skid mounted design, small vibration, easy installation;

All vulnerable parts adopt original imported brand products, the vaIve plate adopts PEEK material, the life of up to 6000-24000 hours;

Siemens PLC control system, more point temperature and pressure monitoring, can be reserved R485 interface.

Product Details

Model Exhaust capacity FAD(m³/min) Exhaust pressure(Mpa) Motor power(kw) The number of crankshaft revolutions(rpm) weight(Kg) Dimensions(mm)
GW-600 10 4.2 110 420 7000 3400X1800X2550
GW-720 12 4.2 132 500 7150 3400X1800X2550
GW-840 14 4.2 160 580 7300 3400X1800X2550
GW-960 16 4.2 160 660 7500 3400X1800X2550
GW-1080 18 4.2 185 740 7800 3400X1800X2550
GW-1200 20 4.2 200 420 8200 3650X1870X2550
GW-1500 25 4.2 250 530 8500 3650X1870X2550
GW-1800 30 4.2 300 620 9000 3650X1870X2550
GW-2160 36 4.2 355 740 S500 3650X1870X2550

Note: The size and weight of the machine will be adjusted according to the specific working conditions, higher pressure or flow parameters are not listed

The discharge data is based on the standard 1 bar g/14.5 psig inlet pressure and 20℃(68°F)inlet temperature Please contact the technician of taike machinery company for the selection in high altitude area or high temperature operating environment.


Main drive system of W-type compressor

When designing the main drive system of W-type compressor, the selection of the included angle between the cylinders has a great impact on the dynamic performance of the compressor. It also mainly depends on the experience of engineers and lacks reliable theoretical analysis. Firstly, using ADAMS simulation software, the dynamics of the elastic crankshaft rolling bearing system of W-type compressor under rated working conditions is studied, and the central displacement response of the main journal and the bearing reaction force are obtained.

On this basis, the angle between the left, middle and right cylinders is taken as the design variable, and the weighted average of the radial displacement response amplitudes of the two main journals is taken as the objective function. The dynamic optimization is carried out in ADAMS, and the optimal angle value is solved.

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