Horizontally opposed three-stage compression oil-free engine (heavy-duty water-cooled type)

Short Description:

Horizontally opposed three-stage compression oil-free engine (heavy-duty water-cooled type)

100% oil-free water-cooled design, heavy-duty design in Europe and America, suitable for 365Dx24h full-load continuous operation. The double-acting cylinder has good dynamic balance, balanced and opposed to

eliminate noise and vibration;

Three-stage flow regulation system (0%-50%-100%), optional frequency conversion control or frequency conversion motor is more energy-saving;

Product Details

All wearing parts are imported brand products, the valve plate is made of PEEK material, the service life is as long as 6000-24000 hours

The buffer tank, separator and gas pipeline are all made of 304 stainless steel (optional);

Siemens PLC control system, more temperature and pressure monitoring points, R485 interface can be reserved.

The oil-free air compressor means that the process of shrinking the atmosphere does not directly engage with oil, so the resulting atmosphere is oil-free, and then the process filters and boring machines, thus breaking out a high-quality atmosphere. Long protection period. In the process of shrinking the atmosphere, PetroChina has a direct battle with the atmosphere. Although a little oil is still identified in the atmosphere, it still needs post-treatment equipment such as process filter. The protection and cherishing period is short.

The products including: middle-hiah micro oil piston air compressor,middle-hiah oil free piston ain compressor,screw-boost air compressoroil free boosterstainless steel environmental protection drver. aluminum alloy high pressure filter and automatic drainer etc.

The company has a hiah guality and enthusiasm sales service team and 20 vears of industry experience to provide users with cost-effective system solutions.Have more than 20 service partners in the region all over the country,and to provide users solution with comprehensive professional timelypre-salesale, after sales service.

“GNY” series of products continuously deepen PET bottle blowingpetrochemical industry. Natural gas, industrial gases, and other areas of the industry, for the domestic and international market to provide more stable, energy saving, environmental protectionhigh auality and perfect service.

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