Double tower adsorption dryer

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Double tower adsorption dryer

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Adsorption dryers utilize the selective adsorption characteristics of adsorbents.

Absorb the moisture in the compressed air to achieve the purpose of drying. Since the adsorbent will reach saturation equilibrium after a certain period of time, it is necessary to use dry gas for regeneration to restore the adsorption and drying capacity.

The heatless dryer is a double-tower pressure swing adsorption and heatless regeneration process. Its working principle is that one adsorption tower performs adsorption drying under working pressure, while the other adsorption uses a part of its own drying gas and depresses it to close to atmospheric pressure. Regeneration is performed as regeneration gas, and double-column switching is performed at a fixed switching time, thereby continuously supplying dry gas.

Widely used in petrochemical, biopharmaceutical, aerospace, automobile maintenance, shipbuilding industry, power industry, clothing industry, laser equipment and so on.

The large-capacity design is adopted to ensure a stable outlet point at the outlet of the sauce, and it can respond to the aging of the adsorbent and the change of operating load;

The main key components are selected from well-known brands at home and abroad to ensure continuous and reliable operation; the overall assembly and delivery make it easy to install:

Using PLC micro-processing control technology makes the device advanced;

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