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Taike machinery technology (dongguan) Co., Ltd.

Our company was established in 2003, a professional technology enterprise has been engaged in the design, manufacturing and sale of air compressors. The company introduces the mature technology from Europe, combined with our practice experience for twenty years in air compressor and the PET industry develop more suitable in the Asia Pacific customer use habits of PET bottle blowing special high-pressure micro oil and oil free compressor.

“GNY”series air compressors are in pursuit of higher reliability, energy-saving operation and maintenance convenient. Combined with high automationless wearing parts. low noise inertial force as well as good smooth level, ensure that every technical performance and reliability of the compressor is to fulfill the reauirements of industry manufacture hiahest standard.

The products including: middle-hiah micro oil piston air compressor, middle-hiah oil free piston ain compressor, screw-boost air compressoroil free boosterstainless steel environmental protection drver. aluminum alloy high pressure filter and automatic drainer etc.

The company has a hiah guality and enthusiasm sales service team and 20 vears of industry experience to provide users with cost-effective system solutions.Have more than 20 service partners in the region all over the country, and to provide users solution with comprehensive professional timelypre-salesale, after sales service.

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“GNY” series of products continuously deepen PET bottle blowingpetrochemical industry. Natural gas, industrial gases, and other areas of the industry, for the domestic and international market to provide more stable, energy saving, environmental protectionhigh auality and perfect service.

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 To become an excellent service provider of compressor system solutions